Comparison of Software Diagrams

project leader: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Westfechtel

projectstart: 2007 projectend: 2013

project description:

Models play a more and more important role in contemporary software engineering processes. In the field of model driven development many different versions of models are created until the software is deployed.

As text-based tools are not adequate for comparing class diagrams, this project is concerned with structure-based algorithms for differencing. The difference computation is based on a matching phase which identifies the corresponding elements of two diagrams. Having found the correspondences, we know which elements are mapped onto each other and can deduce the differences. In contrast to other approaches, we focus on algorithms which do not rely on persistent unique identifiers to identify corresponding diagram elements. Thus, class diagrams can be compared even if they were created by different tools or if they were created by the same tool independently of each other. In order to be able to compare various approaches for differencing class diagrams with respect to result and performance, we are implementing a framework for the comparison of software diagrams, where class diagrams can be created, compared with different matching algorithms and the found differences can be visualized. This framework is based on several Eclipse plug-ins and uses the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF).

Comparison of Software Diagrams

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